Acupuncture is a form of treatment involving the insertion of sterilized fine needles to stumulate vital energy points. There are more than three hundred pressure points all over our body that are connected by different energy channels ( meridians ) and it is through these point that the body can be balanced to regain its health and well-being.

It is natural,highly effective treatment causing very little pain,although sometimes there might be a temporary feeling of heaviness,pressure,tingling,numbness,ect. This is the so-called acupuncture sensation.

   Acupuncture is suitable for treating:  

  • Rheumatism,Rheumatoid,Arthritis,   
  • Neckache,backache,Sciatica,Frozenshoulder,   
  • Migraine and severe tension headache,Stress,                    
  • Golfer's elbow and all forms of muscular pain,           
  • Smoking,drinking and drug addiction,
  • Weight-control and recover from stroke,
  • Skin problem,shingles,hairloss,
  • Impotence,infertility,ect.


What will the treatment be like?

In the hands of a qualified and experienced practitioner. Acupuncture is almost painless. The needles used are extremely fine. While the needles is manipulated,the patient may feel a sensation of local pressure or pins and needles,but most patients describe this sensation as minimal. The points that are used are tailored to each individuals condition and are aimed to restore your health. Most people find Acupuncture treatment very relaxing.